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At just A $35 including GST this is a great way to speed up the drawing process.



What is SteelSect ?
SteelSect an inexpensive and easy way to quickly generate 2D polylines or blocks for BHP, Lysaght and Tubemakers  Steel Sections for AutoCAD 12, 13, 14, 2000, 2002, 2004 & IntelliCAD 98

SteelSect comes from the makers of
Multi-Batch (Batch processing software). These CAD utilities are guaranteed to save you time and make your life easier.


How does it work ?
You select the required steel section from a partial menu and dialog box. 
The software then quickly generates the section as polylines directly to the CAD package. These can then be extruded to form solids for AutoCAD and Mechanical Desktop. There is also an option to insert them as blocks if required. With nearly 400 shapes available most of the steel sections in Australia are included.

Steel Sections Included in SteelSect
Universal Beams & Columns
Welded Beams & Columns
Universal Bearing Piles
Taper Flange Beams
Equal and Unequal Angles


Parallel Flange Channels
Circular Hollow Sections
Square and Rectangular
Hollow Sections
Zed and Cee Purlins
Plain and Lipped Channels

Some of the advantages of using SteelSect are:

  • Each Section is accurately drawn from a DATA list.
  • A 2D polyline can also be quickly extruded to form a 3D shape.
  • You need only Three main files and not 391 separate files.
  • Easy to use Partial Menu and Dialog Box Interface (pictured above)
  • At this low price you can put a copy of SteelSect on all the relevant computers. Even if you already have an existing Structural Package in the office, SteelSect will complement it.
  • Full installation program for easy step by step setup.

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