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Ode To The Draftsman

They gave me a job to draw today
with a hole and a couple of grooves.
It’s only a cleat that goes under the door
to restrain it whenever it moves.
I could sketch it up with a couple of lines
and put in a size or two.
But that wouldn’t show just how much I know
so I’m sure that would never do.

So I’ll cut it all up into sections
with a symbol beside every part
And I want to ensure that I make it obscure
as to where the machining will start.
Then it’s time to put on the dimensions
and here’s where I really unload
For I’ll mark all the lines with mysterious signs
that an Einstein could never decode.

Now my drawing is finished and printed
and I’m proud of it’s hazy design.
For I know there’ll be chaos and ulcers
when it finally comes out on the line
And a feeling of pride starts stirring inside
as my tracing is filed on the shelf
For my quest has been solved with a print so involved
that I can’t even read it myself.

Author Unknown.


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