Sample Projects







Heater : This image was produced for a wine exhibition poster using AutoCAD and 3D Studio Viz. Since the animation was intended for a Powerpoint presentation by the company salesmen, a blue background, (matching the background in Powerpoint) was used. this allows the object to "spin" in space.
The first image was Multi-CAD Image of the Month for August in the Multi-CAD Magazine
Water Treatment Plant
: These are perspective views of a proposed Water Treatment Plant. First, the layout drawings (showing equipment and piping) were produced in 2D. Then perspective views were developed within AutoCAD and 3D Studio Viz.
The images were then used for tender documentation and presentation to the Client.
Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plant
: These perspectives of a proposed duplex house design were produced from the Architect's manual drawings. By first producing floor plans and then utilising AutoCAD and Viz, a full perspective view was built up. The images were then used in the sales brochures.
Front View
Rear View