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This download allows you to experience the benefits of using the Steelsect utility.
The demo features an easy step by step installation. 

Steelsect Software Download

Download Pline Option

Thank you for trying the DEMO Version of Steelsect. This Demo is a shortened version with only some sections available. With the full version you have access to nearly 400 steel shapes.

Any Problems?   Please contact us at

Installation Instructions:
  • Download StelSect.exe to the hard drive location of your choice.
  • Go to the hard drive location specified above and double click on the StelSect.exe filename...
  • This then gives you the option to extract the files into whichever directory you want. The default directory is C:\StelSect.
  • Copy STELSECT.LSP, STELSECT.DCL and STELSECT.SLD to a directory that is set in your Support File Search path this always includes the Support directory in the Acad folder.
  • Start AutoCAD and to load from the AutoCAD command prompt type (load "Stelsect") this will give you the reply "Type 'Steel' To Start." type "steel" and this will start up the dialog box.
  • StelSect.txt has more information about installing and running the software from the menu.

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