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SteelSect Testimonials
"I found "Stelsect" a great little program. We currently access beam and column blocks from a block library (due to the fact that our design / drawing office uses both AutoCAD R14 and AutoCAD Lite). "Stelsect" also has sections that our block library does not have so I found it particularly useful (the option to select insertion point is a good idea)."
"I am impressed with how easy this program is to install and run.  If you
can include C and Z sections as well it would be a terrific alternative to
our current system with multitudes of blocks to cover every member size."
Zed & Cee sections have been incorporated in Ver. 3.0
"I think that you have a great package."
"The way Stelsect incorporates multiple insertion points for each member is a characteristic that makes it very easy to use, and is also what we, are after (but have not found the time involved in creating the lisp routines necessary in such a program).  At the moment we have a BHP Steel menu which inserts each section as a block, with an insertion point in the centre of each section.
The only critical thought that we have with your program is that everything is drawn as polylines and not inserted as blocks."
The option to insert as Blocks has been incorporated in Ver. 3.0
"Extremely useful utility."

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